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Data Driven Decisions,

You can improve your website without having a full-scale redesign every few years. It’s called GDD or growth driven design.

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Incremental Website Improvements

No Guess work

Up until the past few years, it what almost impossible to guarantee a website would perform as expected. Decisions for the User Experience (UX) were made on the designer’s experience with what he or she perceived worked in the past. Thankfully, that no longer exists when delving into website designing.

GDD uses your site’s current performance as the baseline to provide intelligent, data-based decisions. This greatly improves UX and drives more conversions over time.


Website Auditing:

We will audit your existing site’s data and buyers’ personas and how they interact.


Changes will be made, one at a time, so we can isolate any situations.

Needed Actions:

Determinations will be made based on existing data and customer input.

Monitoring For Perfection:

Over time, we will monitor your analytics


We apply changes and A/B (if applicable) to find out which is more effectual.

Tweaking and Tweaking Again:

After two weeks to a month, we will view the analytics to decide if future improvements will be required or other factors.

Our Methods:

After a full cycle of changes happening monthly, what can you expect from the processes view point?


We will look at your buyers personas needs and problems. We will incorporate our strategy-based action items because UX is critical to create effective and quality conversions. We work to understand your users by conducting interviews, using surveys, and taking inventory of any website patterns.

Develop Stage Changes:

The action items are then implemented on the site.   This will build your repertoire of lead generation tools and marketing tools.


Based on what has been collected and developed, we will analyze and evaluate your sites performance based on the Develop Stage changes. It’s like taking a magnifying glass to your site and tested for usefulness, funnel flow, user retention, personalization and how easy it is to use. If it’s performing better than before, great! It not, we will find out why and how we can implement needed changes that will drive the right conversion path.

Clean Up and Repeat:

This is the final stage once all steps have been completed between 1 to 3. Based on the activity and conversion performances, we will generate more action items to increase improvements and create the best version for your site.

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Let us gives you a short and sweet overview of your marketing status.  We will gives you an overall grade on a scale from 1-100, then digs in and checks your site against metrics in five categories:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile

For each item on the checklist, you can get details about that metric, find out why it’s important, and learn how to correct your site.

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