COS Migration

We Migrate Your Website To HubSpot’s COS

Safely And Efficiently.

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COS Migration Made Easy

We Migrate Your Website To HubSpot’s COS Safely And Efficiently.

We take the transferring of websites extremely seriously and have the right tools to get it done quickly. It doesn’t matter if your platform is WordPress or something else, transferring to HubSpot is easy when you hire Peak Marketers

Website migration to Hubspot COS
Website migration to Hubspot COS
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We Have The Experience You Can Trust:

We have transferred well over 50 sites so rest assure our people will get it done correctly, safely, and in a very timely manner. Nothing get’s overlooked!

Integration and Responsiveness:

When you are on HubSpot’s system, you are automatically responsive for all screen sizes including smartphones and tablets. You will be able to create website pages without using coding and integrate your inbound marketing flawlessly. This includes social media, CTAs, landing pages, emails, and everything else.

Customize Content That Really Works!

HubSpot’s system is called the Content Optimization System for a reason. While your site is being transferred, you can customize your content based on your devices, locations, sources, and even languages.

 5 Easy COS Migration Steps:

1- The Initial Template Set:

We will create a template set.   This template is from HubSpot’s default template unless you have a particular one in mind or you would like us to provide you with one of our pre-made templates. These templates will include your landing page, emails, blog, and some website page formats.

2- Setting Everything Up:

We will ensure your template is on a staging site so we will be able to conduct testing and preview all the pages. While this is going on, it does not affect your current site at all.

4- Migration

All content will be transferred to the new HubSpot template that you have chosen. We will ensure all blogs, and pages are transferred correctly.

4- Our Walk-Through:

We will perform a final walk-through to check all links to make sure they are working properly and your site looks great on all devices.

5- Launching:

Once everything has been checked out and everything is running properly, we will launch your site

Get a Free Website Evaluation

Let us gives you a short and sweet overview of your marketing status.  We will gives you an overall grade on a scale from 1-100, then digs in and checks your site against metrics in five categories:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile

For each item on the checklist, you can get details about that metric, find out why it’s important, and learn how to correct your site.

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