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Your Website Is The Hub Of Your Inbound Marketing efforts

It must be designed to appeal to your buyer personas and be optimized for lead generation and search engines.

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Inbound Design That Fits Your Business Needs:

We have methods and the designing expertise to re-design, modernize, and provide a professional look to your website.

Upgrading and Modernizing Your Website:

When was the last time you made significant changes to your website? If it’s been more than 6 months, your site is collecting cobwebs. Your site must be re-designed and improved upon for visitors to have a great experience and are willing to head toward the conversion curve.

Our expert inbound designing uses data and analytics to view your buyer’s personas and greatly improve your site based on their needs. This will help you revamp your site, monitor and tweak elements to increase conversation rates and deliver better results over time.

A website should not be built and then forgotten. We have developed excellent approaches to improve your visitor’s experience and our inbound methods really do work. With a new design and proper tools, your site will grow in leaps and bounds.

Our Inbound Web Design Process:

Understand, you cannot just revamp your existing site and expect results overnight. We will conduct an initial conversation with you and then proceed to our planning stage. Re-designing will then take place through certain direct steps.

Wireframes – The Foundation:

The entire purpose of wireframes is to show the layout and page flow. Wireframes are not the design of your site. They do not reflect designing but are low allegiance in order to isolate the layout of the web pages that are not a part of the text or images. Think of wireframes as a skeleton or blueprint. They give you the boxes and configurations for what a page will look like and how it’s going to flow. This step is not exciting but very critical.

Your Color Proofs:

This is the stage where you will be able to see colors and content. This is when tweaks are taking place and will lock in the chosen design. After this stage, the rest of the developing will go much more smoothly. Color proofs are the template used to match the development phase and the finalization.

Development and Coding:

This is the phase that incorporates coding. Using static proofs as a baseline, our designers translate coding into a functioning and dynamic website usingHTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. That said, the amount of time this will take depends greatly on the platform, the complexity, and if animation is involved.

Production - The Final Phase:

This is the final phase. Depending on whether we are redesigning your existing site or we are transferring to HubSpot’s COS, this takes a great deal more than just turning on a switch. Keep in mind, over the next 24 to 48 hours, your site may intermittently display your previous site while the domain settings are resolved and updated. We usually launch sites on a weekday in order to provide hands-on help for any issues that might arise.


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